Countdown to National Unicorn Day – Day 28!

March 12, 2020

I don’t know about you; but with everything going on in the world right now, I could use something to look forward to and count on. So, starting today, I will be sharing a fun unicorn image every day from now until – ta dah! – National Unicorn Day, April 9, 2020!

You know, when I started pitching Be That Unicorn: Find your Magic. Live your Truth. Share your Shine, several publishers passed saying, “Unicorns are so over.” As you can probably imagine, that made me want to do this project SO much more since it’s all about being true to you no matter what anyone else says. So, all of the images I’ll be sharing over the next four weeks will show you just how not over unicorns are!

So, here’s today’s unicorn treat, a pics of me and my wife and my daughter at my Houston Book Launch Soiree at ReBar. Photo/GIF booth courtesy of the amazing Bradley David! Horns straight from Amazon! Final photo courtesy of the fabulous Juan Querol Diago.

Things are scary and unpredictable and trying right now. All the more reason we all need to follow the path of That Unicorn and face this the way we need to face everything in life – Horn up!

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