Be That Unicorn

Jenny Block



Be That Unicorn: Find Your Magic, Live Your Truth, and Share Your Shine

Being our best can sometimes be the most difficult thing we have to do every day. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it should be the easiest. Jenny Block brings her favorite super power to light in this lively and inspiring presentation about how to be your best and forget the rest. Because when you lead with kindness, you always shine – and so does everyone else around you – from friends to family and from coworkers to clients. Join Jenny for an experience you won’t soon forget as you learn to always live life “Horn Up!”


  • How to find your magic in everything you do.
  • How to live your truth even in the most challenging situations.
  • How to share your shine even when you’re feeling dull

Be That Unicorn Customer Service: Customer Experience

Being our best can sometimes be the most difficult thing we have to do every day especially when you have unreasonable requests or upset customers. Jenny Block brings her favorite superpower to light by giving you a new perspective to keeping your shine by being kind. When you create a pleasing experience for a customer, they become loyal fans.


  • How to keep your cool in challenging situations
  • How to create an experience your customer will remember
  • How to make a good impression even when you are feeling challenged


Inspiration · Communication · Happiness · Motivation · Customer Service · Business · Entrepreneurship

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